A wonderful piece of installation art

We are used to a variety of projects here at GS Contracts – restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and shops, but we’ve never been asked to help create a piece of installation art before! However, we are delighted to have completed a speedy six-week installation of just that in the stunning Grade II listed 1 Finsbury Avenue, Broadgate.

1 Finsbury Avenue was constructed in the early 1980s by Arup Associates – it was the first building in the Broadgate development so became something of a blueprint for other office complexes. During its recent refurbishment a number of modifications were made, and the public route through the building was re-established, creating a new, re-imagined space.

We were brought in to complete the steelwork and fit-out of the concept bar in the centre of the lower atrium, which incorporates a stunning 7.5 metre high installation by artist Morag Myerscough who has been creating award-winning artwork for over 30 years, and she is famed for exploring how people and design create and affect urban spaces.

Working with the incredible visions of the concept bar client and Myerscough herself, we used cladding and the stunning exotic wood, iroko, to create the structure for this fairground-like centrepiece, ‘Atoll’. Multi-coloured, and festooned with lollipops, the work was inspired by the history and architectural form of 1 Finsbury’s façade and the artwork’s colourful patterns contrast with the external dark bronze anodised cladding and symmetry of the building.

Because of the complexity of the installation, and the need for drainage to be included to accommodate the living plants that also make up part of the design, the structure had to be signed off by a structural engineer, but over the years we have become adept at ensuring designers’ creative ideas become a safe, structurally sound and fit-for-purpose reality!

According to Myerscough, one of the features that she most enjoys about her projects is that people respond to them – her work is rooted in bringing joy to those who view it. And the result of this collaboration has created an exciting destination for the diverse and changing users of the area.

Our client was over the moon. “What a pleasure to work with GS Contracts, who have competed a tricky brief in record time, and without incident. Their communication, technical skills and can-do attitude have made a real contribution to the success of this project”.

We are thrilled to have been part of this unique project. We would definitely recommend a trip to this amazing concierge area of 1 Finsbury Avenue to take in the wonder of Atoll itself!

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