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Why source ethically & sustainably?

Over the last 30 years, we have been manufacturing joinery work for some remarkable projects. Our 20,000 sqft manufacturing space and team of machinists, bench joiners and sprayers provide bespoke joinery services for all our valued clients.

As a business, we understand the importance of sourcing our materials from ethical and sustainable retailers as we are conscious of the environmental impact we have on our planet.

Manufacturing a counter

What makes timber sustainable and why do we use it?

Sustainable timber is simply timber that comes from well-managed forests and are harvested responsibly. They ensure new trees are planted to replace those harvested, which helps protect the surrounding environment.

Sustainable timber helps buildings to meet government regulations – the UK government is increasingly making use of legislation to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. The environmental credentials of sustainable timber can help to ensure that projects meet government requirements, future-proof planned projects against future legislation and even give projects a better chance of getting through the planning process.

One of the main benefits of why we supply sustainable timber is that it can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which reduces the impact of global warming, and improves our environmental footprint. However, there are also many other reasons as to why we use sustainable timber in our fit-out projects.

For example, it takes less energy to produce sustainable timber products than other building materials such as concrete and brick. The amount of energy used in timber production and transport is far lower than these alternative materials. For us, this means it reduces the overall carbon footprint of a project.

Bespoke Joinery Staff

Working with suppliers

By working with suppliers that we value and trust, we can feel confident in the services we are then able to deliver.

We are all for saving the planet. One of our frequently used suppliers requires us to request the materials we need in advance- stopping them from holding unnecessary stock and end-users from over-purchasing.

Great efforts are being made across all of the suppliers we use, ensuring that their products are acquired sustainably whilst limiting the waste generated when distributing these products.

As a result, the suppliers we source our materials from all support the responsible trading of the products they sell; and by working with the appropriate waste management companies, they aim to increase the proportion of waste sent for recycling.

Once our joinery team have acquired the necessary materials to begin manufacturing, it’s our responsibility to ensure that any waste we create is recycled and dealt with accordingly.

GSC Team

Our Workshop

All of our joinery is manufactured in our workshop, giving us full autonomy and allowing us to ensure all bespoke joinery is of the highest quality.

We are lucky to have built a reputation for manufacturing and installing luxury bespoke items on many of our fit-out projects over the last 25 years and have developed an efficient and structured delivery process from the initial manufacturing to delivery on site.

As much as our joinery team works to support full fit-outs, they can also help when a client wants a unique standalone piece.

Take a look at some of our favourite pieces below:

Frescobaldi Joinery
Frescobaldi London
ROVI Ottolenghi Bespoke Joinery
ROVI Ottolenghi
Pre Salons Retail Fit-Out Interior
Seven Layer Retail Interior
Seven Layer
White Pine Bespoke Joinery
White Pine
The Kitchen @ Felixstowe Joinery
The Kitchen @ Felixstowe

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