How can solid surfaces transform your fit-out project in 2022?

Solid Surfaces

Did you know that in addition to wood joinery, GS Contracts are also experienced working with a variety of different solid surfaces across our projects? Solid surfaces are becoming increasingly popular on our fit-out projects, and we’re not surprised considering the endless list of benefits they offer.

Design visions are limitless with the solid surface choices we offer here at GS Contracts. Our in-house team are skilled in working with such high-quality materials including Corian, Staron, Hi-macs, Hanex, Tristone, Krion & Avonite.

Working with a variety of unique materials, we will always try to provide you with the perfect solution to any problem or requirement you may have and solid surfaces can often be the perfect choice.

Solid surfaces worktop
solid surfaces worktop

What are the benefits of using solid surfaces in your next fit-out project?

There are many great benefits to using these solid surface materials in your future fit-out project. Take a look below at some of the advantages of using these different materials:

  1. Easy to clean & maintain– The solid surfaces we work with are extremely easy to wipe down and clean, making it a manageable and low maintenance option to implement on our projects.
  2. Versatility– You are spoilt for choice with endless colour, pattern, and design options, giving you complete freedom to create seamless shapes and joins.
  3. Durability– The properties that make up the solid surfaces are extremely hardwearing, making it difficult for them to be scratched, cracked, or damaged.
  4. Cost Effective–  We can implement various forms of solid surfaces into your project to reach your desired visual outcome at a competitive price to suit your budget.

Below are some of our favourite solid surface features to date!

Ottolenghi Marylebone

Ottolenghi Marylebone solid surfaces corian
Ottolenghi Marylebone solid surfaces corian

Kineya Mugimaru

Solid surfaces kineya
Solid surfaces kineya

22 Bedford Square

solid surfaces 22 bedford sq
Bloomsbury Custom Made Tea Points


solid surfaces itsu
solid surfaces itsu

Ottolenghi Chelsea

Ottolenghi Chelsea
Ottolenghi Chelsea solid surfaces

Working across the residential, commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality sectors, our team have proficient knowledge and skill to deliver project after project at exceptional quality.

By combining our interior contracting, bespoke manufacturing, and solid surface experience, our team are your perfect match to exceed your expectations time after time. We’ll always provide you with high-quality products accompanied with competitive prices to suit your budgets. Our team are always more than happy to talk you through the best options to meet your design and costing requirements.

If you are searching for a reliable contractor to carry out your future project, why not get in touch today?

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