Maido Sushi

Maido Sushi was established in 2016 by the founding members of Atari-Ya, distributors of Sushi grade fish to Michelin starred restaurants across London.

Maido was formed as a retail solution to provide modern and authentic Sushi, handcrafted daily for customers to ‘grab&go’, or alternatively to be made to order.

Having worked on similar previous projects here at GS Contracts, we were excited when given the opportunity to fit-out their new restaurant in St Johns Wood.

Maido Sushi
Project Type:
Interior Fit-Out
Child Studio

The Process

The affluent location of the premises was an important element in the client’s design proposal, and along with the designer’s key attention to detail, we were able to work collaboratively to deliver a fresh new space for their new restaurant. 

Working from an empty shell unit, our diligent team provided full size mock-ups and samples to ensure all heights and spacing were correct.  

Maido Sushi Interior

In collaboration with the design team at Child Studio, we were able to create a seamless, walkthrough space for our client. 

On the ground floor, numerous refrigerated deli counters were manufactured and installed for pre-made sushi to be displayed and ready to go.

 Directly to the right an island was fitted for Sashimi and Sushi to be prepared directly in front of diners. Seating is allocated around the counter and other dining areas can be found situated around the windows.  

Maido Sushi Interior

The rear of the premises is divided by a decorative glass block wall, housing a circular booth with a communal table, an ideal space for larger groups, or those who want to sit in private. The ground floor was finalised with an accessible toilet tucked away at the back of the restaurant for all customers. 

Maido Sushi Interior

Challenges and The Finished Result

Our client was faced with difficulties from the landlord due to the unit being left for a long period of time over the winter months. The property required drying out and eliminating all mould before we could begin the fit-out, which was an obstacle during the process.  

Despite the complications along the way, the end-result of this restaurant was an innovative and contemporary space for our client to expand and share their love for sushi. 

Maido Sushi Interior
Maido Sushi Interior

Photography – Felix Speller & Child Studio

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