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Kineya Mugimaru

GS Contracts has helped bring a taste of Japan to the capital with a recent fit-out at brand new restaurant Kineya Mugimaru. The restaurant, which specialises in udon noodle and tempura dishes, is already big in Japan, but this is the very first branch to open in the UK. A Japanese flavour is not just reflected in Kineya’s cuisine but also in its décor and our client was keen to get the look and feel of the restaurant just right.

Traditional designs

Working alongside architectural designer Hone we went the extra mile to bring a little slice of Japan to the centre of London, and the client was really pleased with the result. To create the right aesthetic, our manufacturing team was really put to the test in crafting a variety of fittings from different materials based on a Japanese design vision. Inspired by traditional Japanese pagodas and sliding doors the restaurant has a unique style that doesn’t scrimp on detail. A neutral palette, light wood furnishings and subtle lighting finish off the look.

Project Type:
Internal Fit-out

Location, location, location

However, possibly the trickiest element of the Kineya project was its location – inside St Pancras Station.

Having worked inside station buildings before we were aware of the additional demands this can put on a project and we were primed for the challenge.

From managing all of the various contractors, operating within limited time restrictions set down by the station and making sure everyone is safe onsite while also considering the safety of station users, there are many ways working inside a station can add extra strain to a project.

Add to that additional health and safety requirements to make sure the site was Covid-secure and it’s easy to see that this was not the most straightforward of fit-outs.


Unique finish

Project manager, Simone Pinducciu, said: “This was possibly the hardest job I have worked on, due to all of the challenges working inside a station brings. The end result is a really different type of restaurant, quite different to anything else I have seen while working in the industry.

“This is the client’s first Japanese-style restaurant, and hopefully more will follow based on the same style and concept. He was very happy with the completed project which is now up and running and open for business.”

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