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Located in London, Mayfair, Ristorante Frescobaldi London is their first standalone restaurant and bar in the UK, in partnership with the Good Food Society.

During the COVID-19 shutdown period, our client wanted to refurbish their restaurant to provide a fresh, new vibrant appeal for when customers were able to return. Working with the talented team at B3 Designers, we began making amendments to the layout, revamping the entire interior ambience.

Project Type:
Interior Fit Out
B3 Designers
Frescobaldi Interior
Frescobaldi Interior

What once was an open space in the basement, has now become a private dining area-The space is closed off with two large display cabinets and a sliding door, providing a secluded space for diners.

Numerous other display cabinets were fabricated and installed, holding some of Frescobaldi’s finest wines sourced from Tuscany.

Frescobaldi Interior

Stain Glass Wall

One of our favourite details from this lavish fit-out is the rear illuminated stain glass feature wall. Located on the staircase, this backlit wall is a striking focus point, bringing an abundance of character into the building.

Fitting this striking stain glass feature wall did come as a challenge as it required some extra support in order for it to be installed. We had to hire a tower for the sole purpose of delivering this feature which was an additional obstacle within our schedule .

Frescobaldi Stain Glass Wall
Frescobaldi Stain Glass Wall

Joinery Features

Our manufacturing team here in Colchester provided all bespoke joinery for the project, with new upholstery banquette seating and furnishings to retain the luxury look of the restaurant.

Frescobaldi Joinery
Frescobaldi Joinery

Ourselves and the team from B3 Designers are all exceptionally pleased with how the fit-out tied together, supplying our client with a brand new, modernised space for their diners.

Frescobaldi Interior
Frescobaldi Exterior
Frescobaldi Interior

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