GS Contracts to Net Zero by 2050

GS Contracts have committed to becoming Net Zero on Carbon Emissions by 2050 and Carbon Neutral by 2025, supporting the Net Zero Strategy.

Build Back Greener is a campaign set out by the UK Government, the strategy sets out policies and proposals for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy to meet the Net Zero target by 2050.

The rising global temperatures caused by daily tasks such as filling up our cars and heating our homes are taking a detrimental toll on our environment.

It’s our time to get involved and help make a difference.

We have joined forces with Gaysha and Heart of the City to determine a baseline carbon footprint, making science-based targets to help reduce and eliminate it.

We aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2025, meaning we will be offsetting our Carbon Production by investing in organisations that give back to the planet, such as planting trees in the Amazon, protecting the rainforests in Peru and preserving plant land in Indonesia.

Once we have established targets, the GS team will all contribute to deciding on whom to support.

In the meantime, we are collaboratively working together, focusing on our recycling and energy reduction in the office and workshop.

We hope you can all support us on this journey, and join us in the Build Back Greener strategy.

If you are searching for a sustainable and reliable contractor to carry out your future project- get in touch today.

Hannah Steel

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