31 August 2023 by Hannah Steel

Day in the Life of a Site Manager at GS Contracts

This month, we sat down with one of our experienced site managers, Phil Burns, to discover an in-depth glimpse into the typical day that unfolds in the life of a site manager.

Phil is up bright and early on-site, ready for 7:30 am. His day begins by conducting a daily briefing with the team on-site, running through a comprehensive overview of the goals and objectives for each individual within the day.

During this time, Phil also carries out all site inductions for any new members on-site, ensuring they are ready and prepared to conduct their work safely.

After Phil has completed all briefings and inductions, he is then on hand to deal with any problems or issues that have been raised. Our site-managers play a vital role in identifying any potential concerns and resolving these issues in a safe and timely manner.

Once all potential concerns have been addressed and resolved, Phil moves on to catching up with health and safety paperwork and responds to any emails at his attention.

On-site, our site managers expect many deliveries throughout the day. Some include bespoke joinery deliveries from our 20,000 sq ft workshop in Colchester, where all items are manufactured.

Our site managers also expect to receive many other deliveries from various other contractors. It is their duty to ensure all deliveries are on schedule and delivered safely on site.

The remainder of Phil’s day consists of observing the site, ensuring everything is running smoothly according to plan and all health and safety measures are being adhered to whilst keeping on top of all emails.

Phil can also expect to carry out a second induction in the afternoon if any new team members have arrived on site.

Phil’s typical workday ends at 16:30, but this can vary depending on the project, particularly for overnight jobs, which may require him to stay until 18:30.


Here at GS Contracts we recognise the critical role that our site managers play in ensuring the success of our projects.

We provide them with the training, support, and resources they need to carry out their responsibilities effectively and to maintain our high standards of safety and quality.

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Hannah Steel

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