Contracting Climate Change with COP28

What is COP28?

The annual United Nations Conference of the Parties in 2023, commonly known as COP28, unites over 160 nations committed to addressing the adverse human effects on the climate.

COP28 is the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference and is being held from 30 November until 12 December 2023 at the Expo City, Dubai.

Anticipated attendees at COP28 include figures such as Rishi Sunak and King Charles, alongside numerous other world leaders.

How does COP28 affect GS Contracts?

As a company, we are interested in the discussions at the COP28 Conference and recognise the urgent need to address climate change.

We are dedicated to understanding how we can contribute to global efforts. By closely monitoring the outcomes and agreements at the conference, we aim to align our business practices with sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives.

Our keen interest lies in several of COP28’s climate discussions, particularly those centred around global supply chains.

We are particularly focused on talks that address the adoption of more sustainable practices and the imperative to decarbonise, aiming to make a significant impact in these areas.

In essence, our company sees COP28 as a pivotal platform for learning, collaboration, and action.

By staying informed, fostering sustainable practices, and actively participating in discussions surrounding global supply chains and decarbonisation, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the collective efforts aimed at addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Hannah Steel

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