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Why join a GS Contracts Apprenticeship Scheme?

We are proud to offer a range of apprenticeship schemes here at GS Contracts. Many staff members that make up the GS Contracts team originally began working with us as an apprentice and have since worked their way up within the business.

Not only are apprentice schemes a fantastic way for us to train new staff members, but they are also a great opportunity for staff to develop the skills needed for more senior and more complex roles

Contributions in the Workplace

All apprentices we’ve taken on in the workplace have made great contributions to our team whilst learning and gaining the necessary skills on the job.

Many people think that apprenticeship schemes are primarily taken advantage of by those who have recently left school/college, but- research has shown that the age profile of those starting apprenticeships has changed, with a higher proportion of apprentices starting over the age of 24.

One example is one of our talented workshop employees, Martyn Rhodes. Martyn joined us at age 31 and began a bench joinery apprenticeship; today, he is valued as one of the most essential members of our workshop team.

Apprenticeship Joinery
Martyn - Bench Joiner
Apprenticeship Joinery
Martyn- Bench Joiner

We understand apprenticeships aren’t just for young individuals looking to grow and develop, which is why we welcome those from different backgrounds taking the opportunity to join our team.

Similarly, we value the continued progression of our apprentice’s. If presented with a permanent job offer, we will consider future training and education for our team to progress into new areas.

Liam Saunders is a great example of one of our long-term employees here at GS Contracts who has worked his way up from an apprenticeship scheme to becoming one of our committed contracts managers.

GS Contracts Apprentice
Liam's work as an apprentice- Taken in 2003!

Current Apprenticeship Schemes

Here at GS Contracts, we currently have two apprenticeship schemes running within the business- one in the workshop and the other in the office environment- providing both with an opportunity for continued growth and development.

Comments from Michael Sullivan, Director

“Freddy has recently enrolled on bench joinery NVQ levels 1 & 2

The apprenticeship will assist Freddy with his theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills before implementing this into all aspects of manufacturing and joinery.

His weekly attendance at college has given Freddy relevant basic skills to assist with his development at GS Contracts. In his short time at GS Contracts, Freddy has shown a great attitude to his work and day to day activities within the business”.

Bench Joiner Apprenticeship GS Contracts
Freddy Level 2 Bench Joinery Apprenticeship
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship GS Contracts
Hannah Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Comments from Lewis Elsey, Director

 “Hannah has recently enrolled on the Digital Marketer Level 3 course which I believe has played a key role in her development.

 The apprenticeship has given Hannah the ability to develop her theoretical knowledge before implementing this into practice. Not only has the apprenticeship given Hannah relevant and up to date digital marketing knowledge, but it has also given her the confidence to lead our digital marketing strategy.

Within the last 12 months Hannah has grown from strength to strength and the combination of her apprenticeship coupled with her on the job experience has facilitated this”.


At GS Contracts we are always on the lookout for motivated individuals interested in a career in our sector, either as a site apprentice, a workshop apprentice, or an office apprentice. If you are interested in discussing a potential apprenticeship contact enquiries@gscontracts.com.

Bespoke Joinery tailored to you

Who are we?

At GS Contracts, we pride ourselves on the high-quality manufacture and delivery of timeless bespoke joinery fixtures and fittings on all of our projects.

Unlike many other fit-out contractors in the same field, we offer all bespoke joinery for your project in-house. We love to promote this as it enables us to ensure the quality delivered is of an exceptional standard.

With over 20 years of experience, we have invested extensively in our 20,000sqft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure exceptional quality on all projects big and small.

Ottolenghi Marylebone
Ottolenghi Marylebone
Chiswick House Cafe Interior
Colicci Chiswick House Café
Sugar Quay
Sugar Quay

What are the benefits of Bespoke Joinery?

Made to measure

One of the main reasons why bespoke joinery stands out over shop bought items is because it is all meticulously made to measure: allowing clients to maximise their space and streamline their efficiency.

Individuality & Personality

Working with bespoke joinery allows you to fully explore unique design ideas and plans. This creative freedom is a great way to showcase individuality and character throughout different joinery pieces.


Undoubtedly one of the main benefits of manufacturing bespoke joinery items is the guaranteed, long-lasting quality. We ensure the materials used are of exceptional quality and durability while our skilled team work to a high level of detail to provide a quality finish.

Functionality & Practicality

Incorporating bespoke joinery into your project will serve a functional purpose whilst also tying together your space visually and it will also last a lifetime.

Frescobaldi Joinery
Ristorante Frescobaldi London
Sugar Quay Bespoke Joinery
Sugar Quay
ROVI Ottolenghi Bespoke Joinery
ROVI Ottolenghi
White Pine Bespoke Joinery
White Pine Forest

What do we offer?

We are lucky to have built a reputation for manufacturing and installing luxury bespoke items on many of our fit-out projects over the last 25 years and have developed an efficient and structured delivery process from the initial manufacturing to delivery on site.

We can manufacture bespoke items either in support of a larger fit-out project or as individual stand-alone items.

Our in-house draughtsmen are responsible for producing the technical drawings for all joinery items. Once approved, the manufacturing process will begin, and products will be handed to the installation team on-site.

Zizzi Bespoke Joinery
Sugar Quay Bespoke Joinery
Sugar Quay

Our Team

Our manufacturing team is made up of skilled machinists, bench joiners and sprayers to provide quality bespoke joinery items for our valued clients. They have a wealth of knowledge working with a wide range of materials including solid surfaces, timber, metals, glass acrylics and plastics.

We combine modern techniques with more traditional bespoke methods of manufacture utilising the experience of our traditionally trained in-house joiners. Along with further training, opportunities, and apprenticeship schemes in place, we continually encourage the development and growth of our valued team.

Workshop Bespoke Joinery
Workshop Staff
Bespoke Joinery Staff

Our Promise

Designing, manufacturing, and installing the bespoke joinery on our projects gives us complete control over our supply chain and the quality of work we deliver.

We work closely with all clients to provide a smooth seamless process, meaning we’re always on hand to resolve any issues along the way. We love encouraging our clients to see their project in progress and documenting the development made along the way.

Can our team help you? Give us a call or drop us a line and make our team your team.

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Team Member Profile: Simon Dale

GS Contracts is a family owned and run business with over 25 years’ experience. Founded in 1992 by, Gary Smith, we have grown from humble beginnings to the team we are today through our relationships, built with professionals, trades and suppliers, to make us the trusted and valuable partner we are known to be.

We firmly believe our people are our most valuable commodity. Central to our success is the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership. That’s why we are proud to be part of the Investors in People accreditation programme, because investing in people is not only the right thing to do, it also makes us more productive and more profitable. The We Invest in People accreditation is recognised in 66 countries around the world, making it the global benchmark when it comes to people management.

Today we put the spotlight on Simon Dale: Simon is one of the joiners here at GS Contracts and has been with us for 6 years. He comes from a shop-fitting background, and now spends his days in our in-house joinery workshop.

Day to day, Simon’s work is listing and sorting materials, sending pieces off to be cut at the machine shop, then assembling units ready to be shipped out or readying all the elements needed for pieces to be assembled and fitted on site.

Sometimes there is the opportunity to work on a freestanding piece of furniture, which Simon enjoys. His favourite job in this category was the hugely impressive ‘birdcage’ – a bespoke circular seating unit for a client’s garden, which involved complex joinery and where accuracy was key.

The other job that Simon was particularly proud of was the angular pods made for Bird Street in London. These stand-alone kiosks were made to house pop-up retail stores in the world’s first ‘smart street’. They took their inspiration from origami shapes and had triangular doors that ‘unfolded’ to provide access. They could also be linked together to create one larger space.

Despite being the hardest job Simon has ever worked on in his time at GS Contracts, he feels an immense pride in their completion and the fact that it is down to Simon and his similarly talented colleagues to make designers’ visions a reality.

Simon’s only bugbear with the job? That work comes in so thick and fast that he’s only just waved off one engrossing project, before he’s on to the next, with little time to reflect. But we’ve asked him to take a moment the next time he feels particularly proud of his work to take a snap, which we’ll share here with you, so we can admire it together!

We’re immensely proud of Simon and all our people and look forward to profiling more of them over the coming months.