How do our CAD team turn your ideas into a reality?

Here at GS Contracts, we offer a complete turnkey solution, meaning we can assist with your journey from an initial idea- right through to completion.

Our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) team are responsible for creating the technical drawings for all metalwork, solid surfaces, and bespoke joinery items.

With their knowledge and years of experience our CAD team use the latest technology to create accurate, detailed and efficient drawings prior to manufacture.

Ian and Colin (Our CAD team), work closely with each client to ensure all models meet their specifications. From concept to completion, our team will work with you to turn your ideas into a reality.


What did Colin & Ian have to say?

We sat down with Colin and Ian to learn more. Here’s what they had to say.

We asked, “What’s your background and how did you get into CAD?”

Colin told us “I started at GS Contracts as a Bench Joiner and soon became a Workshop Manager. The company later took on a draughtsman meaning I regularly sat with him to go through what we needed in the workshop. I took an interest in the drawing side of things and decided to learn AutoCad off my own back in the evenings. Having just completed the course, our draughtsman decided to leave. I was then offered a new role as a draughtsman- I definitely had to step up my game over the next six weeks to gain as much knowledge as I could before he left. I’ve been drawing ever since!”

Ian said “Originally, I trained to be a Welding Engineer. I was working in a trade within an ever-evolving industry which gave me a valuable set of tools to progress into a design role. My background allows me to tackle projects with a knowledgable set that I believe a purely academic education cannot achieve”.

CAD Design

We then went on to ask “What has been your favourite project to work on so far?”

Colin said “Mine has got to be the Residential Project, Sugar Quay. It was certainly something different to what I’m used to, with some challenging details to design and high spec. joinery elements”

Ian went on to say “My personal favourite has to be ROVI Ottolenghi. This project had lots of detailed metalwork and lighting panels that ended up working really well- I just love the finished result!”

We then wanted to dig a little deeper and asked “What’s your favourite part of being a draughtsman”

Colin replied “Seeing the finished product from the drawings I’ve done is my favourite part, it’s great to see the changes that the initial design has gone through”

Ian told us “There are lots of things I love about being a draughtsman. I enjoy being able to essentially ‘fabricate’ items across multiple projects, overcoming unforeseen design clashes before they become an issue and having a big input into the overall design of the project- it’s great!”

CAD Design
CAD Design

Lastly we asked Colin and Ian “Why is having in-house draughtsman so important at GS Contracts?”

“Being able to easily discuss different details, ideas and problems with other knowledgable team members -it’s much more practical discussing details face-to-face!” Colin said.

Ian continued “It’s important to have good communication between the project directors and other team members when drawing up the designs for a project. Having this team in-house expedites the design approval stage, increases project turnaround times and the total number of projects that are completed within a given timeframe”.

It’s no doubt that the CAD team are a vital asset to the GS Contracts Team. Thanks for your hard work & dedication, Colin & Ian!

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