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Project News: Ben & Jerry’s Mobile Ice-Cream Kiosk

We recently built a mobile ice-cream kiosk for ice-cream company Ben & Jerry’s. The kiosk was designed and manufactured in close conjunction with Lockhart, and finished to match Ben & Jerry’s cow branding. The kiosk includes an integrated scoop rinse and wash-hand basin, and utilises a standard freezer component from Italy. The project was the first kiosk of its kind: many kiosks have been manufactured using bespoke refridgerators, but it is much more difficult to use a bespoke freezer, in … [Read More]

Project News: Itsu Fleet Street, London

We’ve just finished work on the latest Itsu branch at Fleet Street in London, for which we created and constructed the interior. The stunning butterfly lighting feature was created by Cinimod Studio. It was inspired by Itsu’s elegant butterfly logo, and is spectacularly eye-catching! You can see more photos and a short video clip of the feature on Cinimod’s website. This is the latest of many Itsu branches in the UK that we have worked on. (You can read a … [Read More]

Project News: The Meat & Wine Company

We recently completed a large, unusual project – the flagship UK restaurant for the internationally-renowned Meat & Wine Company. The building is located in the new Westfield Shopping Centre which opened in Shepherd’s Bush, London, near the end of 2008. The company has an African heritage, so the interior contained striking African designs, rich textures and vibrant colours. Memorable features include a 10.5 metre high towering wall of wine (currently the tallest in London), and a bar in the shape … [Read More]

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